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Our organization provides application engineering and technical expertise for any project that involves refrigeration equipment, walk-in units, glass doors, or LED lighting. Difficult or unusual projects are our specialty!


Heatcraft Refrigeration

Sloan LED
Sloan LED

Carroll Coolers 

Glass Door Solutions

Sloan LED
Sloan LED
Scroll Compressors
Advantages of Condensing Units with Scroll Compressors  
Learn about the efficiency, durability, and enhanced performance of condensing units with scroll compressors.
These units are built to outperform and highly configuarble offering your end users options for intriguing energy savings.
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Slim Contour Evaporators 
Ease of Serviceability 
Have a customer looking for a little extra room on that top shelf under the drain line? Heatcraft's slim contour line is the solution with a 30% slimmer unit height vs. the traditional low profile evaporator. This hybrid unit includes a modular fan design enabling faster service and installation.
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Energy/ Enviornment 
Saving Solutions
To view the imposed regulations visit:
Please visit our "Industry News" page to stay up to date on the latest articles, rules, and solutions regarding HVACR regulation  
With the DOE energy conservation standards and the EPA SNAP effective dates on the horizon, learn what your company can do to help customers feel leveraged. 
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